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Line Check Food Safety Application

Mar 07, 2018 food operations management

Using Line Check will make sure all your restaurant food safety tasks are properly taken care of.

CrunchTime! Line Check™ is a mobile tablet application that can quickly guide staff through important restaurant food safety tasks.

Centralize and set up clear food safety preparation standards for your staff across all your locations and container configurations. Use your existing Net-Chef Login and Password and easily set thresholds for each of your products. Line Check allows users to stay informed by setting notifications for line check completions and failures.

Line Check is currently available for licensed CrunchTime customers using Net-Chef version and higher.

Product highlights:

  • Food safety audit trail
  • Alerts for standards and HACCP violations
  • Line checks are configurable by restaurant
  • Recurring line check scheduling
  • Temperature monitoring with compatible Bluetooth probes
  • Available for iOS and Android

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