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Why Short Online Employee Training Courses Are Easier to Digest

Jun 23, 2015 food operations management, labor operations management, data analytics and reporting

When you think about taking a 20 minute online training course, do you groan? Do you roll your eyes and groan? Sounds like a lot, right? What about taking five four-minute courses? Sounds a lot more manageable, right? It turns out people gravitate towards bite-sized content, and that's why training conducted with that in mind is more likely to resonate with trainees.

When new users are learning how to use CrunchTime - whether as new customers or new hires at maincourse-productan existing customer - their trainings are comprised of small bite-sized chunks that take less time than it takes to grab a snack from the kitchen. Each lesson follows the following core elements:

  • They focus on the most critical need-to-know stuff
  • They contain built-in simulations so trainees can practice what they learn
  • They include quizzes to help learners review the material

The lessons are contained on MainCourse, CrunchTime's Learning Management System, which provides instant access to the materials and allows users to track their progress to track the progress of their people who take the lessons. The combination of bite-sized lessons and instant access for end-users is a powerful combo.

The combination of bite-sized lessons and instant access for end-users is a powerful combo.

Miller's Ale House prepares its employees for success

Miller’s Ale House, a casual dining tavern with just under 100 locations in 13 different states, once had to train 406 people in just three weeks when it updated its CrunchTime platform. Using MainCourse, everyone was trained quickly and efficiently, without anyone having to take time away from their restaurant or travel a single mile. The quick, bite-sized nature of the training materials was effective in keeping everyone's attention so they could absorb the information.

The folks at Miller's Ale House were so well trained, they were able to significantly reduce food waste and increase productivity. This helped Miller's Ale House earn an SDCE 100 Award for top supply chain projects in 2019.

At the end of the day, brands like Miller's Ale House rely on employees knowing what they're supposed to do at all times. Quick, bite-sized videos resonate with trainees and help ensure everyone gains the knowledge they need to excel at their jobs.

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