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The Features

Automated shift schedules & real-time labor alerts

Shift scheduling is easier and accurate to forecasts. Visibility to which employees are punched in, are nearing OT and breaks.

Create, manage, and distribute automatically optimized schedules anywhere at any time. Give your managers realtime visibility into employee's shifts, and to take immediate action.

Total compliance with labor laws

Easily process time-clock punches and have immediate visibility to labor rule violations.

Each shift schedule is checked against local, state, and federal labor laws to ensure compliance with regulations. Managers are notified of potential violations and their corresponding financial penalties before the schedule is published.

Detailed consolidated and store-level labor reporting

Access key labor metric information from anywhere across a single restaurant or all of them.

Reporting that gives your managers visibility to all shift information, labor costs and potential OT instances to take action before it's too late.

Franchisee functionality

Offering unparalleled flexibility to Franchisors and Franchisees managing their workforce.

CrunchTime allows a franchisor to take a hands-off approach to letting their franchisees manage their workforce teams. Employees, labor law compliance rules, minimum wage, and more can all be managed at the franchisee level.

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How We're Different

Unmatched System Configurability

We’ve built the platform knowing not all restaurants are created equal. We can configure the best setup for your company-owned or franchisee locations no matter the requirements.

Seamless Food & Labor Cost Management

We’re restaurant people first and foremost and we built CrunchTime to optimize food and labor operations together because we know a restaurant's long-term success truly depends on it.

Rock-solid Tech Infrastructure

CrunchTime runs on gold-standard business practices and technologies for hosting, redundancy and performance that meet or exceed SSAE-18 and SOC 1 & SOC 2 standards.

Full-time Collaboration

We gather feedback from our customers year-round, and then we use it to improve the product in ways that matter to you. And, we never charge for software upgrades.

Real-world Foodservice Expertise

Our client services team members are made up of people with the rare skill-set of hospitality management & technological expertise. They "get it."

Global Customer Support

With clients in over 30 countries, the platform can support any language and assign multiple currencies for reporting, transactions and vendor-specific purchases.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

TeamworX Mobility

Free to download on iOS and Android and also available as a web app, with TeamworX your team members can easily offer, pick-up and swap shifts right from their own smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

Managers can approve time-off requests, modify staff schedules, and communicate messages about shift openings or other important updates right from their smartphone, tablet or desktop, too.

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