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The best-in-class labor management employee self-service portal available. Designed to keep the entire team on the same page regarding current shift schedules, time-off, and communication. Available as an iOS and Android mobile app or as a web-based, zero footprint and device-aware web app. As a web app, it can run on any phone, tablet, or computer so you do not have to worry about what devices your team members are using in the field. Overview PDF

Customer Case Study
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Easy-access employee portal

Teamwor X 6 5 i Phone NOTEXT4

Manage availability and time off

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View all upcoming scheduled shifts

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Easily pick-up, post, or swap shifts

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Integrated team messaging and manager log

Key Features

Easy-access restaurant employee portal

Employees can view their schedule, certify time worked, request time-off, request to pick up shifts, and indicate when tasks are completed

Managers can empower their employees to ensure all shifts are properly staffed and tasks are completed. This is done efficiently and reduces the risk of shifts going unfilled and jobs going undone.

Simple online scheduler with auto scheduling capability

Create, manage, and distribute automatically optimized schedules anywhere at any time using a web browser

Makes creating shifts easier and more time efficient for managers. In addition, the risk of “no call, no shows” is reduced because employees have easy access to their schedules on their personal devices

Fast manager approval

Managers have full labor management oversight and final say for approval of time off and schedule shift requests

Managers can ensure that schedules are optimized based on daily forecasts and skill levels for each required position

Integrated workforce messaging and manager log

Managers can message any or all employees with pertinent information and assign tasks (employees can only receive messages and tasks from management.) Consolidates critical information such as daily shift and personnel notes

This increases communication efficiency because information is sent only to those who need it. Managers can easily access communications, notes and follow-up items. Notes are easily accessible from any mobile device

Total compliance with labor laws

Each shift schedule is checked against local, state, and federal labor laws to ensure compliance with regulations. Managers are notified of potential violations and their corresponding financial penalties before they happen

Labor costs are optimized because schedules can be managed in a way that reduces or eliminates overtime and legal fines pertaining to labor law violations

Requirements: iOS 10+, Android 7+; Size: 61 MB Apple, 98 MB Android; Version: Mobile Apps 1.1.2, Web 3.2.0; Availability: Phone & Tablet, Browser

Case Study

Restaurant labor management that schedules the right people, at the right place, at the right time... automatically.

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