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Purpose-built from the ground-up specifically for foodservice restaurant operations, BizIQ is a restaurant Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platform architected utilizing an Oracle Data Warehouse and Microstrategy BI technologies. BizIQ ad hoc reporting requires no incremental setup and is fully integrated with the CrunchTime platform right out of the box.

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Menu engineering 1

Ad-hoc reports and analysis

Menu engineering 2

Menu mix, food costing and menu engineering help

Menu engineering 3

Micro-level item categorization capability

Key Features

Web-based data center with more than 20,000 business metrics

Users of BizIQ can track the performance of almost any business initiative and receive a detailed analysis that produces answers that were previously unattainable

With all of your mission critical data together in one place you can build and run reports from anywhere, any device

Flexible report builder

Get the report you need in minutes with easy-to-use drag and drop tools

Your reports can display anything you’ll ever want to know about your business. Ad-hoc custom metrics are created on the fly

Rich data visualization tools combined with ready-made reports

BizIQ combines a robust library of ready-made reports and a rich graphical interface to present complex business metrics in ways that are easy to analyze and act upon

Leave no room for misinterpretation of data when information is presented in an easily understandable and intuitive format. Users can view and analyze data in the format that works best for them

Dedicated expert support

BizIQ product experts are there for you to answer your questions, guide your custom report building and help you succeed with creating and sharing valuable information with your team

With access to a Microstrategy-certified expert on CrunchTime's support team, you can take full advantage of the knowledge and know-how of our experts to create insightful and effective reports for your team

Scheduled auto-delivery for KPI reports

Any reports or dashboards can be sent to anyone on a schedule and delivered to their email.

With this auto-delivery feature, the users will be able to consume the content without even logging into the application

Web-based application with seamless integration into the CrunchTime food and labor operations platform.

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