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A mobile restaurant management app that gives you up to 50 KPI metrics in real-time. Includes alerts, single-store and consolidated reporting views, as well as task notifications. Available on iOS and Apple Watch devices, and as an Android app.

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Dashboards to easily view your metrics

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Customizable metrics based on your needs

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Real-time performance report updates

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Access single-location or consolidated restaurant data

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Check past sales metrics, from yesterday or a year ago

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Customize alert notifications to keep you up to date

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Track all task completions

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Receive realtime push notifications

Key Features

Mobile dashboard viewing

Users can access dashboards showing the information most pertinent to them right on their device

This keeps managers on the floor and out of the back office. The data they need to make business-critical decisions can be easily accessed from their pocket, so these decisions can be made on the move

Real-time information updates

Users receive an updated and accurate view of what’s happening in their restaurant drawing from 50 critical metrics

Decisions made based on data will produce the best possible outcomes. Reports can keep up with the blistering pace of the restaurant

Customizeable dashboard

Users gain quick access to the information that’s most important to their needs

Decisions can be made immediately without having to dig for pertinent information

Single-restaurant and consolidated views

Data displays for the number of restaurants the user needs to know about

Regional managers can quickly look at any individual stores or a number of stores to see how they’re performing. Regional managers on the road will know what stores they need to spend time visiting, all from the convenience of their mobile device

Wearable device accessibility and alerts

Managers can gain even quicker access to the information they need with a quick glance at their wrist

Managers can work even more effectively and check data when their phone is charging or in their pocket or briefcase. Decisions are made with greater speed and efficiency to ensure the best results

Requirements: iOS 10+, Android 7+; Size: 69MB Apple, 58MB Android; Version: 2.7.0; Availability: Phone & Tablet

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