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Counting inventory is fast... and fun! A mobile counting app for restaurant inventory management that allows you to easily scan food items to update all of your inventory levels in a snap

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Access all scheduled inventories at each location

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Choose the storage location you want to count

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Input counts quickly and easily with voice controls and in-app calculator

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Can't find your product? Search by name or scan a UPC to look it up

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Once completed, sync counts into CrunchTime!

Key Features

Reliable inventory counting

Counts can be made online or offline, saved, and synced whenever the app is connected to the internet

There is no risk of losing data when the user loses an internet connection on their device. CrunchTime is always up to date with the most accurate inventory count

Smart collaboration

Allows for multiple users to conduct counts of the same inventory space

Divide and conquer! Take a team approach to inventory management counting tasks. Save a ton of time and effort when updating your counts

Auto-display of all unit count types

Users can see all unit counts for easy conversion

Reduce the risk of inaccurate counts and eliminate the need to make conversions outside the system that could result in human error. Restaurants know what food quantities they have, what they use, and what they need at all times

Pre-loaded sequenced count sheets

Users can load count sheets organized by the way that makes the most sense for them.

This significantly reduces inventory counting time because users won’t have to waste seconds or minutes trying to find a particular item on a shelf. With the count sheet pre-loaded into the application, users can follow a natural sequence and increase efficiency.

Available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

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