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A mobile app for storing and viewing all of your restaurant food prep instructions and recipes in one easy interface. Details like components, prep time, batch sizes and more are included along with easy to follow visuals. Available on both iOS or Android for tablets only.

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Streamline your Daily Prep tasks

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No printed books! Quickly check Recipe Details

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Access Nutrition Facts and Allergens

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No more paper, Recipe Viewer is here!

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Navigate to view Sub-Recipes

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Ensure consistency with images and videos

Key Features

Detailed recipe viewer

Find the right recipes in a flash with all of the detailed information your team needs about components, prep time, batch sizes and more.

No more keeping track of paper recipes or heavy (expensive) recipe books in the kitchen. Everything is at the tip of your fingers on your Tablet

Accurate food prep

Step-by-step instructions help your kitchen prepare for every shift in an easy to follow and manage format

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. With images and step-by-step guides you can be confident in your kitchen’s product no matter who is on the line

Fast inventory adjustments

Integration with CrunchTime food operations platform means that your inventory is automatically updated whenever food prep is done

No more following up and drawing down your food inventory manually, KitchenSync makes keeping your inventory counts accurate down to the minute

Nutritional & allergy components

Always know what ingredients are in your menu items for food safety

When guests ask if there are nuts or other allergens in a menu item, KitchenSync provides quick access for all team members to find out before it's too late

Available for iOS and Android mobile tablets.

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