Inventory Management & Supply Chain Operations


An e-commerce platform that facilitates seamless integration and collaboration between vendors and their community of CrunchTime customers. By joining the Xchange community, your vendors will have access to the hundreds of restaurant supply chain professionals who use CrunchTime each day to procure the goods and services that their businesses rely on

Electronic integration

You can add electronic integration for all of your vendors through Xchange. Vendors can load files (EDI or standard CT files) or manually process orders on the web Portal

This saves the amount of time managers spend processing orders and increases the accuracy of their orders. Every supplier (large and small) can produce an electronic invoice for all your locations

Vendor status tracking

Keep track of every order, invoice, and item pricing with each vendor. Your vendors have visibility into every order in every stage, including discrepancies

You will know exactly when each order will arrive and how much it should cost. Your vendors become a true partner in the process with insight into order flow. This eases the process of settling any order issues

Scalable supply chain solution

Increases the number of vendors you are able to do business with. You do not need IT resources to integrate with vendors on Xchange

CrunchTime hosts the FTP for processing files and there is nothing to install/monitor for invoices. CrunchTime monitors the entire process to ensure you never miss a file

Vendor access to our client community

Query the CTX database for information regarding the trading partners that are participating on the platform and get referrals for quality of product/service from primary contacts at other CrunchTime customers. Users can see and communicate to vendors who are part of CTX

Integration through CTX gives your vendors and suppliers an advantage when looking to win new business with the massive CrunchTime supply chain

Web-based application, seamlessly integrated with the CrunchTime platform.

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